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International Health Insurance

International Travelers who are not part of an education abroad program are covered by GeoBlue Business Traveler international health insurance policy. Know the details of your coverage before you leave.

Activating Coverage

  1. Determine if Travel Waiver is required. (students only).
  2. Complete a Pre-Trip Authorization form for each traveler.
  3. Register in the MSU Global Travel Registry.

Coverage Details

Coverage for any one trip is limited to 365 consecutive days. Travelers over the age of 85 are ineligible for coverage. Spouses and personal travel are not covered though a separate policy may be purchased through GeoBlue.

Travelers should review coverage details prior to departure.

All registered travelers are encouraged to create an account on the GeoBlue website. Click on "Register" and enter MSU Group Access Code: QHG9999MSUBT. You will be able to:

  • Print out your ID card
  • Access the policy and review GeoBlue's network of global providers
  • Review claim procedures and become familiar with the online and mobile tools available

Medical Assistance Abroad

If you require emergency assistance, call the local "911" equivalent.

For non-emergency assistance, international travelers are encouraged to contact GeoBlue before seeing a medical provider. GeoBlue can assist in identifying a local Network Provider or can look into facilitating a guarantee of payment agreement with a non-Network Provider.

Network Provider

  • No fees paid up front
  • Whenever possible, travelers should notify GeoBlue in advance of a visit to a Network Provider

Guarantee of Payment Agreement

  • GeoBlue may be able to negotiate a guarantee of payment agreement so that the traveler is not required to pay for any expenses out-of-pocket.
  • Contact GeoBlue pursue this option.

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

  • If neither of the above options is possible, traveler maybe required to pay for medical expenses upfront.
  • Travelers should save original receipts, and submit a reimbursement claim (instructions below).

GeoBlue 24/7 Customer Service Line is 1-610-254-8771.

Reimbursement Claims

Send a legible, itemized bill from the provider, along with the completed member claim form to GeoBlue via email, fax, or mail. Claim forms may be obtained on by registering in the GeoBlue website.

Claims must be submitted within 12 months.

Email: claims(at)

Fax: +1.610.482.9623

Postal Mail: GeoBlue
Attn: Claims
One Radnor Corporate Center
Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087