International Studies & Programs

Before You Leave

As part of your pre-departure preparation for your study abroad program, it's important to understand all the health risks associated with the country you're traveling to. Make sure to monitor global public health news before and during your trip.

Current Travel Health Advisories

Zika Virus (Updated April 2016)

Pre-Departure Travel Health

Study abroad travelers must submit a health form when they apply to a study abroad program. You're strongly encouraged to complete this form accurately and completely so the MSU Travel Clinic can determine if there are any health concerns you should discuss with a physician before traveling.

You should visit a travel health professional if:

  • You're visiting a country with significant health risks (e.g. malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, yellow fever).
  • You're not up-to-date on routine immunizations.
  • You'll be taking prescription medication abroad.
  • You have a pre-existing or chronic medical condition that must be managed abroad.

A primary care physician may not have knowledge of travel health issues, so you should consult a certified travel health professional. You can find one at the Ingham County Health Department or the MSU Travel Clinic.