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Insurance Reimbursement Claims

If you're a study abroad student and you've received medical care from a non-Network Provider without negotiating a guarantee of payment agreement with GeoBlue, you need to submit a claim to be reimbursed for these expenses.

Submit a Claim

Reimbursement claims may be submitted for prescriptions, and outpatient and/or inpatient services not invoiced directly to GeoBlue. Save all of your receipts and complete a Medical Expense Claim Form. We recommend you make a copy of your receipts and completed claim form for your files before submitting it to GeoBlue.

Send receipts and completed claim form within 12 months of treatment to:

GeoBlue Students
100 Matsonford Rd.
Attn: International Claims Dept.
One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087 USA

Claims Submission Fax: 1-610-482-9623
Claims Submission Email: claims(at)

Customer Service: 1-610-263-2847 or 1-844-268-2686 (toll-free within the U.S.)