International Studies & Programs

Information for Program Leaders

Study Abroad program leaders are key partners in helping keep MSU students healthy and safe when they travel abroad. If you're a program leader and have questions about study abroad health and safety, contact us.

side-by-side_europe.jpgPre-Departure & Arrival Checklist

There are several steps you can take before your program departure and immediately upon your arrival to help keep your students safe and healthy while they are abroad.

side-by-side_health.jpgHealth & Safety Best Practices

Since no travel destination is risk-free it is crucial to consider health and safety issues that may impact your program and develop an effective emergency action plan.

side-by-side_studying.jpgSupporting Student Mental Health

Studying abroad is an exciting but sometimes stressful experience for many students. As a program leader, there are steps you can take to support mental wellness on your study abroad program.

side-by-side_boat_sunset.jpgTraining for Program Leaders

Throughout the academic year, the Office of International Health and Safety and the Office of Study Abroad offer program leaders the opportunity to enhance their health, safety, and security expertise by participating in seminars, workshops, information-sharing sessions, and specialized trainings.

side-by-side_chinese-umbrellas.jpgStudy Abroad Travel Warning Waiver Request

If you're interested in leading a program to a country with a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning, you must submit a Study Abroad Travel Warning Waiver Request Form. The waiver request will be reviewed by the Risk and Security Assessment Committee (RSAC) which will make a recommendation to the Provost.