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International Health Insurance and Resources

All international travelers should take steps to maintain their health abroad by understanding public health risks associated with their destination, developing a plan to manage their health appropriately, and making healthy choices while abroad.

side-by-side_campus-streetlamp.jpgInternational Health Insurance

If you register your MSU sponsored international travel you will be eligible for comprehensive international health insurance and International SOS membership.

side-by-side_acacia-sunset.jpgMental Health

Taking care of your mental health is especially important during the exciting but sometimes stressful experience of living and traveling abroad. MSU offers resources to help you manage any health conditions abroad.

side-by-side_bicycles-winter.jpgMSU Travel Clinic

The health professionals at the MSU Travel Clinic can provide you with immunizations, answer questions about traveling with medication, and help you develop a plan for managing your health abroad. All travelers are strongly encouraged to consult with them before their departure.

side-by-side_canada-cntower.jpgTravel Health Resources

MSU offers many resources to help you prepare for a healthy time abroad. We'll also connect you to national and international travel health resources so you can stay healthy and well-informed.