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High Risk Destinations

MSU requires additional review of faculty, staff, administrator, and MSU-sponsored guest travel to high risk destinations. Those planning travel to a high risk destination (extreme or elevated risk) should submit their trip to the MSU Global Travel Registry as soon as possible to begin the review process.

sidebyside_international-center.jpgWaiver Request Process for Extreme Risk Destinations

MSU does not support faculty, staff, administrator, or sponsored guest travel to extreme risk countries unless a waiver to the policy is obtained. Waiver requests must be submitted at least three weeks before departure.

side-by-side_boat-mountains.jpgReview Process for Elevated Risk Destinations

MSU faculty, staff, administrator, or sponsored guest travel to elevated risk destinations must have their trip details reviewed by the Office of International Health and Safety.

Destinations Requiring Review

Afghanistan Extreme
Algeria Elevated
Bangladesh Elevated
Bolivia Extreme
Burkina Faso Elevated
Burundi Elevated
Cameroon Elevated
Central African Republic Extreme
Chad Elevated
Colombia Elevated
Cote d'Ivoire Elevated
Democratic Republic of the Congo Extreme
Egypt Elevated
El Salvador Elevated
Ethiopia Elevated
Guatemala Elevated
Guinea Elevated
Guinea-Bissau Elevated
Haiti Extreme
Honduras Elevated
Indonesia Elevated
Iran Extreme
Iraq Extreme
Kenya Elevated
Kyrgyzstan Elevated
Lebanon Elevated
Liberia Elevated
Libya Extreme
Mali Extreme
Mauritania Elevated
Mexico Elevated
Myanmar (Burma) Elevated
Nicaragua Elevated
Niger Elevated
Nigeria Elevated
North Korea Extreme
Pakistan Extreme
Palestinian Territories (Gaza) Extreme
Palestinian Territories (West Bank) Elevated
Papua New Guinea Elevated
Philippines Elevated
Sierra Leone Elevated
Somalia Extreme
South Sudan Extreme
Sudan Elevated
Syria Extreme
Tajikistan Elevated
Togo Elevated
Turkey Elevated
Uganda Elevated
Ukraine Elevated
Venezuela Extreme
Yemen Extreme
Zimbabwe Elevated