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High Risk Destinations

All non-essential outgoing domestic and international travel is suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you feel you have essential travel needs, please review the process for submitting a waiver request which must be completed first. If you are also going to a location with elevated or extreme security risks, the procedures described below may also apply.

MSU requires additional review of faculty, staff, administrator, and MSU-sponsored guest travel to high risk destinations. Those planning travel to a high risk destination (extreme or elevated risk) should submit their trip to the MSU Global Travel Registry as soon as possible to begin the review process.

Students walking out of international center Waiver Request Process for Extreme Risk Destinations

MSU does not support faculty, staff, administrator, or sponsored guest travel to extreme risk countries unless a waiver to the policy is obtained. Waiver requests must be submitted at least three weeks before departure.

Boat in a lake with mountains in the backgroundReview Process for Elevated Risk Destinations

MSU faculty, staff, administrator, or sponsored guest travel to elevated risk destinations must have their trip details reviewed by the Office of International Health and Safety.

side-by-side_sparty-night.jpgMSU Country Risk Levels

Review MSU's security risk levels for various countries and access U.S. Department of State Country Information Pages. You are also encouraged to review our separate webpages on COVID-19 related travel risks.