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International Travelers

The Office of International Health and Safety is responsible for overseeing the health, safety, and security of all MSU international travelers, including faculty, staff, and students going abroad on MSU sponsored international travel.

side-by-side_lanterns.JPGBefore You Leave

If you're going abroad on MSU sponsored international travel, there are some important steps to take to help you have a healthy and safe experience. OIHS is available to offer guidance and resources to help you research your destination and prepare for your trip.

side-by-side_castle.jpgTravel Registration

MSU faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally on MSU sponsored travel must register their travel with the university.

side-by-side_moth.jpgInternational Health

Current travel health advisories, global public health news, health insurance, and resources for travel health professionals.

side-by-side_mosaic-row.jpgInternational Safety and Security

Below are safety and security tips, and best practices that we recommend for all MSU international travelers.

side-by-side_windows.jpgSexual Misconduct Abroad

MSU has resources available to travelers who have experienced sexual misconduct while traveling abroad.

side-by-side_campus-streetlamp.jpgLGBTQ International Travelers

LGBTQ travelers can enhance the safety and comfort of their travel experience by considering how the laws, culture, and social norms of the destination country may affect their experiences.