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International Health

All international travelers should have a good understanding of any health risks associated with their destination. This can be accomplished by monitoring global public health news prior to and during travel and by speaking with a travel health professional before your trip. 

Current Travel Health Advisories

Important Message Regarding Yellow Fever Vaccination (January 26, 2018)

Pre-Departure Travel Health

Travelers are strongly encouraged to see a certified travel health professional if any of the following statements are true:

  • Traveler is visiting a country with significant health risks (e.g. malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, yellow fever);
  • Traveler is not up-to-date on routine immunizations;
  • Traveler will be taking prescription medication abroad;
  • Traveler has a pre-existing or chronic medical condition that must be managed abroad;
  • Traveler has health-related questions about their travel.

A primary care physician may not necessarily have knowledge of travel health issues. Therefore, travelers should consult a certified travel health professional. Two options are the Ingham Country Health Department and the MSU Travel Clinic.

You may also want to consult with International SOS. Their team is available to respond to any travel health concerns that you have. Contact their 24/7 Scholastic Assistance Line at 1-215-942-8478.

Travel Health Resources

For information related to health concerns, risks, and recommendations associated with your travel destination visit:

International SOS

MSU Travel Clinic

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Traveler's Health

World Health Organization

U.S. Department of State International Travel