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Travel Registration

MSU faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally on non-education abroad, MSU sponsored international travel must register it with the university. 

side-by-side_archeology.jpgMSU Sponsored International Travel

Guidance on what is considered MSU sponsored travel.


Travel registration procedures for undergraduate and graduate students participating in non-education abroad international travel.

people-sign-traveling-blur_552x350.jpgFaculty and Staff

International travel registration procedures for faculty and staff.

side-by-side_acacia-sunset.jpgMSU Global Travel Registry

All faculty, staff, and students going abroad on non-education abroad, university-affiliated travel must register in the MSU Global Travel Registry.

yield sign_552x350.jpgHigh-Risk Destinations

MSU policy does not support student travel to high-risk destinations unless a waiver to the policy is obtained. Familiarize yourself with the list of high-risk destinations and the waiver request process.