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Students on MSU sponsored international travel must register their travel with MSU.

As an undergraduate or graduate student traveling on an MSU sponsored international trip that is not part of an education abroad program, you must:

1. Determine if you must obtain a Travel Waiver  

If you're traveling to a country that is designated to be a higher-risk destination, complete the Student Travel Waiver Request Form. MSU does not support student travel (undergraduate or graduate) to a higher-risk destination unless a waiver is approved.

One form should be submitted per student group or per individual travel. In the case of group travel, either the accompanying faculty/staff member or the designated student leader should submit the appropriate travel form on behalf of the group. We recommend reviewing the waiver request sample before making a submission. You are expected to provide detailed information regarding accommodations, transportation arrangements, and steps to mitigate the risks identified by the Department of State. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance completing the waiver request.

If you're traveling to a country without a higher-risk designation, proceed to the next step.

2. Complete a Pre-Trip Authorization Form 

Pre-trip authorization forms must be signed by the appropriate Major Administrative Unit (MAU) authority and given to the MAU travel administrator.

3. Register in the MSU Global Travel Registry

Travelers may register their itineraries or may have a fellow traveler or administrative support person register travel on their behalf. All travelers are encouraged to log in to the MSU Global Travel Registry to update their personal profile.

The MSU Global Travel Registry facilitates group travel registration. Travelers with identical itineraries are encouraged to submit a group registration.

4. Complete the online Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness Training (if applicable)

If you will be in contact with patients during healthcare activities, you must complete the Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness Training. Send proof of training completion OIHS at oihs(at)