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Domestic Travel

All non-essential domestic travel is suspended indefinitely. If travel is essential, the traveler must submit a waiver for review at least three weeks before departure.

Individuals with essential domestic travel may apply for a travel waiver. For some MSU employees, domestic travel is a regular part of their job responsibilities; therefore, blanket domestic travel waivers are possible.

Major Administrative Units (MAUs) are responsible for reviewing waiver requests and determining if travel may proceed. MAUs must consider the essential nature of the travel and whether remote alternatives are possible. MAUs must also consider whether the proposed travel meets minimum health and safety measures outlined in the framework below. 

A domestic travel waiver form is available for download below. A single waiver may be submitted for group travel if all travelers have the same travel details. 

Completed waivers should be submitted to the appropriate unit administrator. College Deans/unit administrators are responsible for determining who has approval authority within their unit. 

A domestic travel framework is provided to guide travelers and MAU approvers in determining what is considered essential travel, what minimum health and safety standards must be in place for travel to proceed, and what health screening protocols are required to return to campus.

This procedure applies to all students, faculty, and staff. All travelers should carefully review COVID-19 travel health resources before submitting a waiver.

For MSU faculty and staff who reside internationally, MSU’s domestic travel review process applies for any travel taking place within the country of residence, noting that the more stringent health and safety requirements (MSU and U.S. versus country of residence) will prevail.

side-by-side_midwest-landscape (1).jpgDomestic Travel Waiver Form

Submit this travel waiver form to the relevant MAU administrator at least three weeks before your intended departure date.

side-by-side_stadium-night.jpgMSU Domestic Travel Framework

MAUs and travelers are encouraged to review this framework for guidance on what is considered essential travel and what minimum health and safety measures must be met for travel to continue.